The steps below will help you print a given report, which may be useful for bringing to a meeting or sharing a static version outside of the KickUp platform.

Note: If you're instead looking to print or export from a personal history page, go to this article.


  1. Go to the top of the page of any report and click "Manage Report."
  2. Click on "Print-Friendly View." This will bring all tabs into one page with optimizations for print.

3. Configure the heatmaps and widgets to display the way you'd like to export or print them. For example, you might pop open certain sections and close others; set the heatmap to group as you'd like it; you can even use the search on open responses to narrow the comments to a particular set of comments, etc.

4. Go to "File-Print" in your browser. From this window, you can choose to either print or export as PDF. Please note: Your browser may look different than this window, though the same options should exist.

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