Accepting an Invite to Another Organization

If you already have an account in KickUp that's associated with your email address, then you are eligible to be added to a second organization if you're going to fill out surveys, analyze reports, or attend events in that organization.

When you're invited to another district, you'll receive an email invite which will prompt you to log in to KickUp where you'll be greeted by a prompt asking whether you'd like to accept or decline the invite to this new organization. Accepting the invite will automatically log you in to that new organization.

Switching Organizations

If you've been invited to join another organization, you'll now have the option of switching your KickUp workspace between the organizations. To switch, click on your profile information at the top right corner of the screen and you'll be presented with a dropdown of all the organizations of which you're a part. Click on an organization's name to switch into that workspace.

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