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Manage all the people in your organization

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Directory allows users with "Manage Users" Permissions to efficiently manage all of the people in their organization, whether they've responded to a survey or logged-in to attend an event. 

1. See all the people who have responded to surveys in your organization.

  • Directory allows you to see all the people who are in your organization.

  • Need to give someone who has previously responded to a survey a KickUp login? Edit them and click the “Allow this person to login” button. You’ll be prompted to update their name and email, and once you finish setting up their groups and permissions you’ll be prompted to send them an invite.

2. View all data associated with people in the table view.

  • In addition to name and email, you can view a person’s attributes, groups, login status, and permissions in the table view.

  • To manage the amount of information you see in the table, use the “Show” dropdown to control which columns are visible or hidden.

3. Flexibly filter and sort all of your people.

  • Filter people by their groups, permissions and more.

4. Rapidly update your users with bulk actions.

  • First, filter down to the right segment of people you want to edit. Then edit many user’s groups or permissions simultaneously by selecting several users and using the “Bulk Actions” dropdown menu.

  • Resend invitations or deactivate many users at once.

  • Works with filters. Need to give everyone in the “Administrators” group permission to “Manage Events”? Filter by “Administrators”, select all, and edit them all with the “Permissions” option in the  “Bulk Actions” dropdown menu.

5. Export all the people in your organization in a CSV.

  • All of the data available in the Directory is available via a CSV export.

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