Why Use Data Restrictions: 

Depending on how your organization shares data, you may decide to personalize or limit an individual's default data views by using data restrictions. For example, you might set up a principal's access such that, for any reports shared with them, they only see data submitted by or about the staff members at their school. This means that you will only need one centralized report (instead of multiple different reports), yet, when that particular individual accesses the report including data from multiple schools, they will only see the data relevant to them. 

Lifting Restrictions: 

Restrictions act as a default setting across the app. In the event that you would like an individual who has data restrictions to see all data within a given report, you may choose to lift their restrictions on that report. To do so, edit the report, scroll down to the sharing settings at the bottom of the page, search to add them as a viewer of the report, and click "Lift Restrictions". 

How to Set up Restrictions 

Note: You must have "Manage Users" permission to see this functionality. 

  1. Go to Menu - Manage - Directory.
  2. Click on the individual's name for whom you'd like to set up restrictions.
  3. Scroll down to the last section with the title "Restrictions" and click "Add Restrictions to this User" and "Edit Restrictions.
  4. Scroll or search to find and select the intended restriction value(s), and click "Save Restrictions." 
  5. This will take you back to the user's main page, where you'll need to click "Save" to finalize.

Setting Restrictions for Multiple Values:

If you'd like for an individual's restriction to include multiple values within one category - e.g. if you'd like a coach to see the data of Albright HS and Briarwood MS, you can simply select both schools. 

If you'd like for an an individual's restriction to cross two different categories - e.g. if a coach should see the data of teachers whose subject area is "Math" AND whose school is "Albright HS", you can select both values. Keep in mind that this will restrict the individual's view to only see data that falls into BOTH categories. If you're considering using restrictions across categories, we recommend consulting with your Client Success Manager to determine the simplest way to approach the need.

How Restrictions Intersect with Teacher History Pages

If an individual has access to view individual teachers' history pages, their data restrictions will be honored even when they are searching for an individual's history page. For example, if their restrictions are set up so that they can only view data associated with "Albright HS," then they will also only have access to view history pages of teachers associated with "Albright HS." If they do not have the permission enabled to view teacher history pages, this will not be relevant.

Setting up Restrictions in Bulk or Considering Multiple Restrictions:

If you need to set up restrictions for a number of individuals, the Client Success team can help you import restrictions in bulk. We recommend contacting your Client Success Manager for support. 

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