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A way to share a report with others who are not logged in users of KickUp

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*The permission to create shared links is set explicitly by your administrator. If you do not see this option in your menu, talk with your administrator.

Follow these steps to create an obscured link that you can share with others to enable them to see a report or set of reports, without logging into KickUp.

  1. Click "Menu - Manage - Shared Links"

2. Click "Add Link."

3. Give your link a "name" (note: this is only for your own use), and select the report(s) you'd like to include in this link. 

4. Determine if you'd like to "anonymize" the link or leave the display names as they currently are in the report(s). All you need to do is select the box that says "Anonymize data" as shown above.

Please Note: When a link is anonymized, anyone who is not a logged in KickUp user with access to the original report will see an obscured random number in place of any names. Because you are a logged in user with access to this report, when you test the link, you will still see the names. To see the anonymized link as others will see it, open the link in an "Incognito" browser window. (Click File - New Incognito Window in your browser).

5. Generally, you would then scroll through the long list of filters that follow, leaving them un-selected until you find the blue "Submit" button. 

If, instead you are hoping to restrict this link to view only certain attributes: e.g. only a certain school, you can find and select the appropriate attribute e.g. "School: Jefferson," before clicking "Submit."

Please Note: We know this list of attributes can get confusing and messy, and are going to be making this experience a bit cleaner and smarter in the future. If you are using restrictions, make sure to test your link before you send it and reach out to your client success manager with any questions, as it's possible to select an attribute that does not happen to have data for the report you selected. Again, we'll be working to alleviate this cognitive burden with a smarter, more elegant page experience in the future!

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