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How to Create and Manage Groups

Learn how to use the Directory to manage your organization's groups in KickUp

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Groups are a crucial concept in KickUp. This article explains how to use the Directory to create and manage your organization's groups in KickUp.

Functionality shown here is only available to the highest-level KickUp system administrators. If you believe you should have access to this, please contact your KickUp Client Success Manager or district system administrators.


Setting up "Groups" of users in your organization enables:

  1. Quickly providing access to a report for a group of staff

  2. Quickly inviting groups of staff to events

  3. Designating a group of staff on a user's access setting list

  4. Add a group of staff to a Track in KickUp Learning

For more information about why to use Groups and how they intersect with other demographic information, read more here.

Creating a new group

  1. In your Menu, click Manage - Directory

  2. Click the Actions button in the menu in the top right corner

  3. Select "Add Group" to add a new group

   4. Fill in the group Name under Basic information and

5. Add user(s) to your group by searching for existing KickUp users by name or email

6. Click Save

Editing an existing group

  1. Navigate to the Groups tab of the Directory

  2. Locate the group you want to edit by searching for it by name or scrolling through pages of groups

  3. Click the row for the group you'd like to edit

  4. Make the desired changes

  5. Click Save

Group management settings

Currently, the only management setting available is the Auto-remove users setting.

  • If this setting is enabled, staff may be automatically removed from a group by KickUp's integration with your district's staff information system

  • This setting will only have an impact if KickUp is using your organization's staff information to sync user groups

Please consult with your KickUp Client Success Manager if you have any questions about this setting or anything else regarding Groups.

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