Report Building: Step 2 - Select Data Sources
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Consider the following:

  • Remember that a data source can be any survey, form, or spreadsheet of information that has been processed in KickUp. 

  • Selecting only the data sources you need helps make it easier for you to show only what you want to analyze or report on. 

Steps to follow:

Click on the name of the data sources you want to include in the report. Then, click “Continue


If a data source is selected in this section, it will affect what is displayed in two automatically-generated features of reports:

1: The number of submissions

2: The set of rubrics that appear under “See Rubrics” on a heatmap.

Add or remove data sources, at any time by editing the report.

What's next? 

Learn about the steps that follow report creation below: 

  1. Creating a Report

  2. Selecting Data Sources 

  3. Configuring Report Content

  4. Anonymizing Reports

  5. Sharing Reports 

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