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Consider the Following: 

1: The heatmap widget organizes quantitative trends across multiple responses and questions that address similar goals or constructs.

2: You'll notice that the widget is optimized to aggregate your data flexibly by different groups, columns will represent the different values of each attribute, for the attribute you have selected.

For example, you might choose to "Group By" Quarter:

Steps for Configuration: 

1: Drag the widget called "Heatmap" from the list of available widgets to a "Section" and click "edit" to begin configuring.

2: Add your Title and help text.

3: Select the categories you would like to visualize in a heatmap, Click on the box under “Goals” to see all of the goals that are currently associated with the data sources selected in the report. Select/deselect goals

If there are goals that don’t show up under in this section, first check that you have selected the appropriate data source that contain the goals, then check in with your CSM to verify that the questions you are thinking of been processed as a goal.

4: Select which grouping to show when the heatmap first loads: under “Set initial group selection,” click on the box and select the attribute that you want to initially group by.

5: If needed, set any desired restrictions. Click "Done"

Additional Options: 

  • If you want the goals to be displayed in alphabetical order, check the box next to “Sort Heatmap by Name”.

  • If you have selected multiple goals that map to the same high-level goal and want the high-level goal overall value to show, check the box next to “Include Top-Level Goal Rollup

  • If you want the initial view on your heatmap to be percentages (rather than averages), check the box next to “Default to Percentage Display Mode

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