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Consider the Following: 

1: The Multiple Choice Widget visualizes the range of responses to multiple-choice questions individually.

You'll notice that the visual itself is a designed to show, for a given response, the percent of responses that fall into response type, from the largest percentage (top) to the lowest (bottom). 

2: If you click on the "Drill In" function, you will be able to view a list of responses for each of the selections:

Tip: This is particularly useful if you have asked respondents to select interest or supports. The list view allows you to group people by their responses. 

Steps for Configuration: 

1: Drag the widget called "Multiple Choice" from the list of available widgets to a "Section" and click "edit" to begin configuring.

2: Add your Title and help text.

3: From the "Available Questions" drag the multiple choice questions you would like to include to "Selected Questions to Display". 

Selecting multiple questions will lead to a different bar chart appearing for each of the selected questions, all under the same larger title that you give the widget.

4: OPTIONAL: By default the respondent name appears under the “Drill-in” function of the multiple choice widget, If your data is about a referent and you would like for responses to be listed with the referent name check the box next to “Show Referent Name When Listing Groups of Answers”.

5: If needed, set any desired restrictions. Click "Done"

Available Questions: If the question that you would like to visualize in this way does not appear under “Available Questions”:

  • Check that you have selected the appropriate data source that contains that question

  • Ask your CSM to check that the question has been processed as a multiple choice question (this involves back-end data source configuration)

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