Summarizing Widgets: Needs Assessments
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For a quick summary of Needs Assessment data include the "Success and needs" and "Possible Leaders" widgets in your report. 

"Success and needs" Widget

Highlights indicators and groups with the highest and lowest average scores across all goals.

  • "These Topics": will give you a preview of the topics that had the greatest percentage of respondents as seeing success (top two tiers) in the topics they self- rated. 

  • "These Groups" shows the groups of respondents from each of your attributes that correspond to the "topics". 

No Set-Up Needed: Simply drag the widget called Successes and Needs from the list of available widgets to a "Section". 

"Possible Leaders" Widget

Displays individual leaders, topics of interest, or types of support based on all of the selected data sources in the report. Use the tabs on the top left to view each section

Steps for Configuration: 

1: Drag the widget called Possible Leaders widget from the list of available widgets to a "Section" and click "edit" to begin configuring.

2: Add your Title. 

3: If needed, set any desired restrictions. Click "Done"

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