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When reviewing Needs Assessment data, the "Interests" and "Group List" widgets offer a useful way to view teacher or staff needs and interests in a smart visualization. 

When set up and paired together, the visualizations will look like this: 

Interests Widget

  • The "Interests" widget displays two specific (and related questions) regarding the preferred topics of interest and types of learning indicated by needs assessment participants. The side-by-side visualizations show the total count of topics and types of learning selected: 

Group List

  • In the Group List, that same data can be broken down more granularly to show which specific individuals indicated an interest in a particular type of learning and a particular topic. For example, you might find the answer to the question: "Who is interested in coaching, and what topics might they be focused on?"

  • If the topics of interests align with topics assessed on the Needs Assessment, you will also see overall levels of confidence or competence with each topic of interest, indicated by the orange, yellow, or green colored circle next to each individuals' name. This is a useful tool for developing learning groups.

Configuring in the Report Builder

  • To configure these visualizations from the report builder, simply drag the "Interests" and "Group List" widgets into a section of your report builder.   

⚠️Please Note: You must have your data set up in a particular way in order to utilize these visualizations. If you have questions about the possibility of using the "Interests" and "Group List" widgets on your reports, speak with your Client Success Manager. 

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