Open Response Widget Set Up
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Consider the Following: 

The Open Response Widget displays responses to open-ended questions or prompts. This widget is useful for adding nuance to your data and highlighting the individual voices of respondents.  

Widget Features: 

  • You'll notice that the visual itself is designed to show, for a given prompt, all responses in descending order by date. 

  • Cycle through the prompts posed using the topic buttons positioned along the top of the widget. The prompt is displayed below the topic buttons. 

4: If you are hoping to organize your open response items to identify quantitative trends, you may want to use KickUp's open response tagging feature.          Search and Tag Open Responses

Steps for Configuration:

  1. Drag the widget named Open Responses from the list of available widgets to a Section and click "Edit" to begin configuring.

2. Add your Title and Help Text.

3. From the list of Available Feedback Types, select the prompt(s) you would like to add by clicking or dragging its field into the list of Selected Feedback Types to Display

4: If needed, set any desired restrictions. Click "Done"

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