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Consider the Following: 

The All Table widget provides a tabular display of the individual responses that feed into a report. This widget is useful for digging in at the respondent-level, examining the data specific to a single submission.

Widget Features:

  • You'll notice that the visual itself is designed to show, for a given data source, responses by with corresponding attributes, multiple choice selections, and top-level goal averages. 

  • Each row captures the data collected from a single submission.

  • Enter a keyword or phrase into the search bar to filter through the submissions displayed.

  • If a respondent did not enter data, or is otherwise missing a data point in the included data source,  the corresponding cells will appear gray in the table. 

  • To export the data from the table in a CSV file, click "Download CSV" in the “Actions” dropdown menu.

Steps for Configuration:

  1. Drag the widget named All Table from the list of available widgets to a Section and click "Edit" to begin configuring.

2. Add your Title and Help Text.

3. Select what to display in the widget. (NOTE: If no fields are added, all available data will be displayed in the All Table.)

  • From the list of Available Referent Attributes, select those you would like to add by clicking or dragging the field into the list of Selected Referent Attributes to Display. 

  • If applicable to your data source and reporting needs, repeat Step 3 for Available Respondent Attributes, Available Response Attributes,  Available Questions, and Available Top-Level Goals

4: If needed, set any desired restrictions. Click "Done"

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