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Logging in to KickUp from an Invitation Link
Logging in to KickUp from an Invitation Link

This article will help you access KickUp if your organization has distributed a publicly accessible invitation link.

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Your organization may have decided to distribute public invitation links to allow you to claim an account with KickUp. Visit that link in your browser, and you should be prompted to enter your email for verification as in the screenshot above. 

Entering an email and clicking the Send Verification Email button will result in email being sent to your inbox. 

Clicking the Verify button will take you to a form where you will fill in your first and last name as well as adding a password. 

You may also choose to complete the process with a Google account if your organization allows that, but your Google account email must match the email that you just verified. 

After completing the registration, you'll be automatically logged-in to KickUp.

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