Guide to Data Labels
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Guide to Data Labels

This guide is intended to introduce you to data labels and answer questions like why you might want to use data labels, how you can connect up the data between forms, and how to connect that data when editing or creating custom reports.

Why Use Data Labels

When creating forms in KickUp, you may want to connect the data that you’re collecting in one question with data you’re collecting in another question potentially on another form. For instance, you may be asking the same multiple choice questions on both your elementary walkthrough form as you are on your secondary walkthrough form. When it’s time to look at that data in a report, you might want to see both questions in the same widget. To let KickUp know that you’d like to align the data, you would set the data label of those two questions to match. 

Data labels work for all question types, though they only connect data within a data type. If you were to name a data label for a multiple choice question the same as an alignment of a matrix questions, it wouldn’t connect the data up there because the data is inherently different. 

How to Use Data Labels

Every time that you create a question in KickUp, you are required to enter an alignment. If you don’t need to connect data from your question to data from other questions, you can enter a short name for your question and move on.

If you want to connect your question to other questions you’ve already created, start typing the name of the data label used in the other questions. The field for data labels is a type ahead, so as you’re entering text, you will see some suggestions based on what you’ve typed so far. When you see a data label that looks like the one you’d like to use, click on the data label. 

Importantly, you can always go back and update a question's data label later on, so don't worry about getting the exact phrasing correct when you're first setting up a form or question.

Connecting Data in Custom Reports

The goal of adding data labels to questions is to make it easy to collate that data into reports later on. To do that when editing or creating a report, look for that short name when selecting your data in a particular data widget or as a enableable attribute to  filter for data from your multiple choice questions. Here’s what to look for in those various widgets:

  • Open Response: Select your Data Label from the “Available Feedback Types” column

  • Multiple Choice: Select your Data Label from the “Available Questions” column

  • Heatmap & Topic Highlight: Select your Data Label from the “Goals” dropdown

  • Segmented Totals: Select your Data Label from the “Variables” dropdown

  • All Table: Select from “Available Questions” and “Available Top Level Goals”

Visual Walkthrough of Data Labels

Step 1: Select or Create a Data Label when creating a question.

Step 2:
Select the appropriate Data Label when editing a widget for a report.

Step 3:
Responses with the Data Label will show up in the widget.

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