Email Notifications in Evaluations

Overview of the types of notifications sent by the evaluation module

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KickUp Evaluations can send email notifications to evaluators and staff members to inform them of activity that has occurred as well as upcoming activity within an evaluation instance.

Sending email notifications can be turned on or off for each Evaluation instance. Please ask your Client Success Manager for help with configuring this setting.

If email sending is enabled, three distinct types of notifications are sent. Read on to learn more about each type, or use the links below to jump to a specific section.

Activity Notifications

When activity takes place for a step (e.g., form completed), notifications are sent to the evaluator assigned to the step and the staff member of the evaluation cycle. Two notes:

  • If no evaluator is assigned to an evaluator-assigned step, the email will be sent to all evaluators who have the staff member on their roster.

  • If multiple evaluators are assigned to a staff member, all evaluators will receive a notification email for all staff-member assigned steps.

The system will batch notifications triggered within a short period of time into a single larger email to keep from cluttering inboxes.

The following types of activity on a step will be reported in an email notification:

  • The completion of the primary action of a step (e.g. a form was submitted or a meeting was marked as completed)

  • The addition of a signature

  • The addition or removal of an artifact

Reminder Notifications

The system will also send emails to users to remind them of steps they need to complete. These notifications are sent to whomever has pending activity for a step. This could be the staff member, the evaluator assigned to the step, or all evaluators who have the staff member on their roster. Only the person who needs to complete the pending activity will receive an email. For example, if a staff member needs to complete a form to select their goals, they will receive reminder notifications about this, but their evaluator will not.

The contents of the email will indicate the nature of the pending activity, which could be to claim or assign a step, to complete the primary action of the step, or to review and sign the step.

Reminder emails will be sent one day before and on the day that an incomplete step is due. Overdue emails will be sent for incomplete steps both one day and one week after the step is due.

Score Notifications

Staff members are notified when a new score for an evaluation instance they are on becomes available for review. Note that this only happens when a score's sharing setting is set to share the score with the staff member. KickUp's notification system will batch notifications for multiple scores shared at the same time into a single larger email to keep from cluttering inboxes.

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