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Learn how to add artifacts to a step in an evaluation cycle.

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Some steps in an evaluation cycle may allow evaluators or staff members to optionally add one or more artifacts (e.g. a file, a link or other attachment) in order to add useful context to the evaluation step. You'll be able to tell that a step accepts artifacts if it has an "Artifacts" section, which is visible when you expand the step. Note that, if artifacts are enabled on a step, both the evaluator and the staff member can add artifacts and view any artifacts added.

To add artifacts within a step:

1. Click the downward arrow next to a step to expand your view, and click the "Add Artifacts" button to open the artifact selection view. An artifact can be an uploaded file or a link to a resource elsewhere on the web.

2. To add a linked artifact, enter the URL to the resource and click the "Add Link" button.

To add an uploaded artifact, drag and drop a file from your computer to the designated area, or click the area to open your file browser and select a file.

3. When you are done selecting artifacts to add, click the "Add Artifacts" button to save the artifacts you've added. They will be visible to the evaluators and staff member of the step.

To delete an artifact that you've added, click the trash icon on the artifact that you'd like to delete.

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