Deactivating Professional Growth Instances

How to archive coaching logs, evaluations, and walkthroughs once they've reached completion.

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Note: This feature is only visible for users with specialized permissions: "Manage Walkthroughs" "Manage Coaching Logs" or "Manage Evaluations."

If you have a coaching log, evaluation, or walkthrough that you no longer want your staff to use—but still want them to be able to access—use the following steps to deactivate the instance.

1. Navigate to the instance's edit page.

2. Flip the "Status" toggle to "Inactive".

3. Save the updated instance.

To reactivate an inactive instance, you will follow the same steps but flip the "Status" toggle to "Active".

What does deactivating do?

When a coaching log, evaluation, or walkthrough is inactive, it will no longer appear on the home page. Similarly, it will be hidden by default from the complete lists of coaching logs, evaluations, and walkthroughs. To view inactive instances, simply use the active/inactive toggle to switch what the list displays.

When inactive, a professional growth instance will be effectively frozen. The instance will be marked with an "Inactive" badge, and users will be prevented from making new submissions or changes to old submissions related to the instance. In the case of evaluations, users will also be prevented from completing steps, adding signatures, and adding or removing artifacts.

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