• Hosting a PD event that consists of multiple individual sessions in a single timeframe (e.g. multi-session PD days, "pick your session" workshops, etc.)
  • Hosting a PD series that consists of related or identical events happening at different times throughout the year. 

Here are the steps for creating and using collections. 

1: In your Events Homepage, click the blue "CREATE" button, and select "Create Collection."

2: Give your collection a name and a description.

3: Decide if you'd like for the individual events within this collection to show up together or separately, when individuals browse the event opportunities.

4: If applicable, select any special settings at the bottom of the page (e.g. if, for example, you'd only like for participants to be able to register for 3 events, or allow users to register for all events in the collection with 1 click) and click "Save and Publish..."

5: You might then choose to click "Create a new event for this collection" - which will automatically add the new event to this particular collection. 

In your newly created event - you will see that this event is automatically added to the collection you've created. 

You can (optionally) add an event to a collection anytime, by searching for a collection within the "edit event" page. 

The Experience of Individuals Browsing for Events within Collections:

When individuals browse and register for events that belong to a collection, their experience will look like this:  Note: The image below shows how events will appear when you've chosen to have events roll up into a single view. 

Here is what it looks like once they click "View Events":

The Administrator Experience of Managing Events within Collections:

As an administrator, your page will look similar to the image below, when you click on an event collection. Note: You can edit, manage attendance, and find attendance codes in this page. 

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