If your organization awards any kinds of credits that don't necessarily map to the clock time spent at an event, KickUp provides a way to handle tracking that credit: Custom Credit Types. 

An example of this kind of credit are the ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) Continue Education Units where one unit is equal to 10 hours of instruction

Custom Credit Types allow you to set up (with the help of your CSM) categories of credit types (for instance ASHA CEUs or other kinds of credit hours) and then assign specific units of that credit on an event by event basis.

This event includes custom credit hours for ASHA CEUs. 

Adding Credit Types in KickUp

If you'd like to add new credit types to your district in KickUp, please contact your Customer Success Manager to get them set up in the system.

Assigning Credits in an Event

To add credit values when creating or editing event in KickUp, find the Registration Settings section and select the "Yes" option under the "Add Credits" label.

There, you can enter any positive number with up to two decimal digits (for instance 400, 52, 6, .7. and .03 are all valid credit numbers).

Awarding Credits

The value you assign to that event will be awarded to anyone who confirms their attendance for that event. The value of that event will appear in both their attendance log, and their cumulative credits will appear in the attendance management view when that credit is selected as a column to be shown. 

Credits appear in an individual's Attendance Log.

Credits appear cumulatively when show in the attendance management view.

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