In cases where you don't want to use the confirmation code to allow users to confirm their own attendance, you might be needing a sign-in sheet of users who have pre-registered for the event. KickUp gives you an easy way to do this as long as you have Manage Attendance permissions for a particular event. Here's a quick guide on how to access that sign-in sheet.

Accessing the Sign-in Sheet

A link to the Printable Sign-in Sheet

In the event details page, scroll down the Event Attendance section and click the menu icon in the top right corner. The last option in that menu will be "Printable Sign-in Sheet" That will take you to the page below.

Printing the Sign In Sheet

The printable view in your browser before printing

Using your browser's native "Print" function, you should get a simple page like this that allows your attendees to sign or note their attendance in some way on the sheet.

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