Managing Your Invitation Links

This article should help you manage your existing public invitation links

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If you're looking to get started with inviting users to KickUp, start here with an overview of how to invite users. 

If you've already created a publicly accessible invitation link to KickUp, here are a few helpful tips on managing those links.

To edit a link, clink on the link title in the list of invitation links.

You can update the title and expiration date of your event if either of those need tweaking.  Additionally, you can set the status of your event to "Inactive" if you'd like to stop letting people join KickUp via that link. 

Just as when you created the link, you can update any setting such as Groups, Permissions, or Restrictions. Notably, these changes will only apply to new users who access your link, not any users who have already signed-up.

If you want to create a new link based on an existing link, you can use the secondary actions menu in the list view to easily Copy that link. 

In addition to setting a link's status to "Inactive" in the edit form, you can deactivate links via the list UI in the secondary actions for each link. 

You can view inactive links by clicking the Show Inactive links button in the top right corner of the manage links UI. Inactive links will appear in the list with active links, but will be tagged with an "Deactivated" tag.

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