KickUp has two distinct concepts for storing demographic information that allow you to use the data in various ways. This article will highlight the differences between the two and how they can help streamline your experience throughout the KickUp app.


Attributes are specific demographic categories (e.g. school, role, years experience, etc.) that are primarily used to make it easy to segment data and filter your views when looking at data in reports.  

Attributes will allow you to: 

  • 1. Filter and compare data within reports by attribute - e.g. compare report data by school by displaying each school's data side-by-side in a heat-map. 
  • 2. Restrict data access to a specific attribute value - e.g. set up principal access so that they to only see data about their school. 
  • 3. Filter your directory by attribute values -- e.g. show only individuals with role = "Principal" to bulk assign permissions. This process is similarly possible when filtering by groups. 


Groups offer a flexible way to collate individuals in order to make several other actions easy to automate. Many attribute values will also be used as groups, as they are similar concepts, though they have slightly different implications. 

Groups allow you to: 

  • 1. Share report access with a group -- e.g. set up the PD Feedback data report to be shared with the "Facilitators" and "Principals" groups. Read more about report-sharing here.
  • 2. Restrict event visibility to a group -- e.g. set an event to only be visible for those in the "Douglass High School" group.
  • 3. Sort/filter attendance data by group -- e.g. view PD hours for teachers in the "Douglass High School" group.
  • 4. Filter your directory by groups -- e.g. show only individuals in the "Facilitators" to bulk assign permissions. This process is similarly possible when filtering by attribute values.  

As individuals are added or removed from those groups, access in the above ways will adjust automatically.

Permissions are not directly tied to groups or attributes. They can be assigned individually or can be assigned in bulk. 

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