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Learn about managing coaches and observers in the Coaching and Walkthroughs modules

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To provide coaches and observers with access to log data in a given Coaching or Walkthrough instance, they will need to be given access to the instance and assigned a roster. A coach or observer's roster is the list of staff members about whom a particular coach or observer is able to log submissions. Rostering functionality works exactly the same in the Coaching and Walkthroughs modules.

Adding Coaches or Observers

To access the page where you can add or remove coaches or observers:

  • Click the three dot menu next to the Coaching or Walkthrough instance.

  • Click Edit to access the edit view.

  • Make sure you are viewing the tab titled either "Coaches" or "Observers" (depending on which module you are using).

To add a new coach or observer, click the +Add button and search for users by name or email. Click on the user to add them as a coach or observer.

Managing a Coach or Observer's Access List

A given coach or observer's Access List determines the pool of staff that can be added to their roster. The way that access settings influence a coach or observer's roster depends on the roster management setting used in the instance.

If you plan to set rosters yourself, simply use the default roster management setting of "Use access settings" and then set each coach's access list by clicking Add staff members + or the pencil icon in the Access column of the coach view.

You have a few options for how you can add people to a given coach or observer's access list:

  • Add individuals by searching for a name or email

  • Add a group of people from the KickUp Directory

  • Add people by an attribute (demographic data) that exists in KickUp

If you are unsure about which method to use, please consult with your Client Success Manager.

Note that access lists are dynamic - if a group or attribute is associated with a given coach's access list, their list will automatically update if changes occur to the staff included in that group or attribute. For example, if a coach's access list includes anyone in Group = Douglass High School, any time a new user is added to that Douglass High School group, the coach's access list will be updated.

Managing Rosters

If the default roster management setting ("Use access settings") is in use, then rosters are set automatically based on each coach or observer's access list. There are two alternative options for managing rosters, which are explained in more detail here.

  • To enable coaches or observers to manage their own rosters: Utilize the "Managed by coaches" or "Managed by observers" setting.

  • To enable Leads to manage rosters of others: Utilize the "Managed by Leads" setting.

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