Setting a registration window allows you to limit the timeframe during which staff members can register for an event. You might use this to let your staff preview events before registration opens, or to close registration in advance of an event so preparations can be made with an accurate headcount.

How to set an event's registration window

1. From the event's page, click Edit.

2. Go to the Registration Settings section.

3. Assign a date for Registration Opens and Registration Closes as desired. Please note that both fields must be set to put a registration window in place, and the registration window must close no later than the date of the event itself.

To remove a registration window from an event that already has one, simply make both of these fields blank.

How registration windows impact browsing events

When staff members browse events, they are able to filter by those that are currently open for registration using the checkbox highlighted in the screenshot below.

When staff view an event that is not currently open for registration, they will be able to see the event's details, but will not be able to register for the event. If an event is not yet open for registration, the staff member will see indicated when the registration window will open.

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