Please note that this feature must be enabled by an administrator. If this feature is not enabled for a given step, the Insights button will not be visible to you.

An evaluation cycle is usually made up of several steps and, especially at later stages of the process, it can be helpful to refer back to a staff member's goals and submissions that were captured at an earlier point in the process. You can use the insights sidebar to easily access this information alongside the form you are currently filling out in the performance evaluation module.

To access this context for a staff member you are filling out a form about, click on the Insights button at the top of the page.

This will open a sidebar that includes the staff member's goals and any frameworks associated with the current evaluation cycle.

Clicking on a given framework item will show you responses to any question related to that framework node collected as part of this evaluation cycle.

You can also access this framework item-specific feed by clicking on the lightbulb button next to a framework-aligned question.

Clicking View Submission will allow you to see a complete, read-only view of the submission containing those responses.

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