As someone responsible for leading a group of coaches, mentors, or observers, you might have the responsibility of assigning staff members for each member of that group to coach, mentor, or observe, respectively. This article walks you through the process of setting up a roster for one of those members.

Please note that, depending on how administrators have configured the coaching or walkthrough instance, this functionality may or may not be available.


1. Navigate to the roster of the coach or observer you want to update. Use the search within the dropdown to help you quickly find a specific coach or observer's roster.

2. Click Edit next to the roster dropdown to open the roster editor.

3. Select which people this coach or observer should provide support for from the All Staff Members side of the roster editor. Use the search to help you find specific people in the list.

4. Save their updated roster and see those staff members in the roster view for the coach or observer, ready for them to log activity with or start walkthroughs for.

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