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How to Submit an Out-of-District Event
How to Submit an Out-of-District Event

An overview of how users can submit events that occur outside of the district or organization for approval and confirmation.

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This article will help explain the process for submitting events that happen outside of your district or organization. By submitting an event for review, you will be eligible to receive hours on your attendance log. If you're interested in learning more about the experience of managing and reviewing an out-of-district event, read this article

*Note: Your district may have a specific workflow around submission and approval for out-of-district events, so be sure to check the “Instructions” portion on the submission form page or check with your district administrator for any further information.

1. Creating a Submission

Easily start the process of submitting an event from your Events Log page. 

From Your Log, you'll also see a "New Event Request" button.

Once you have created a submission, you can access it at any time by visiting your Events Log and browsing the top section called “Submitted Out of District Events”.

2. Filling out the Form

Once you’ve arrived at the submission form page, fill out the basic details about your event. Note that the following fields are required: 

  • Event Name 

  • Event Description 

  • Start Date 

  • End Date

  • Total Event Length

Consult your district’s instructions (at the top of the page) for details about what to enter in the Submission Notes and Reimbursement Notes section. 

The last two sections of the form are primarily for administrative use, and you will not need to complete them, unless stated in the instructions found at the top of the page.

3. Adding Files and Documentation

If you are required by your district to upload files as part of the approval or confirmation process, you will submit them on the page after you have clicked "Submit Request". Click the button marked “Upload Files” and follow the instructions to add one or more files. Once you’ve uploaded a file, it will appear in the activity stream at the bottom of the event page where you and your district administrators are able to view and download any files submitted for that event.

4. Leaving Comments

Additionally, you and your district administrators are able to leave direct comments on any particular event to ask clarifying questions, give provisional approval, or anything you might additionally want talk about regarding the event.

5. Approvals

When you are finished with your submission, your district administrator will be notified via email and will review your submission, add comments if needed, and can change the status from "Pending" to "Approved" to imply that you are approved to attend the event. Note: You will receive an email to notify you of changes made to your request. 

Once you attend the event, you may be asked to add additional documentation to confirm your attendance, at which point your administrator can set the final status to "Confirmed." This is the time at which the hours associated with this event get recognized in your attendance log. 

6. Canceling a Submission

If, for any reason, you would like to withdraw your submission, you can simply “cancel” that submission by clicking the button marked “Cancel Submission”. Once you’ve canceled an event, you or a district administrator can reopen it at any time.

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