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How to Review and Manage Approval for Out-of-District Event
How to Review and Manage Approval for Out-of-District Event

An overview of how admin users can review and approve events that occur outside of the district or organization.

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This article will help explain the process for reviewing and managing approval for out-of-district events that your users have submitted through KickUp. If you're interested in learning more about the experience of submitting an out-of-district event, read this article.

Note: Your district likely has a specific workflow for out-of-district events, and so you are able to create specific instructions for your district’s users that are embedded at the top of the submission forms that users will see. Your Customer Success Manager will set up these instructions for you, so reach out to our team in order to add these instructions.

1. Viewing Submissions

Any time that a user submits an out-of-district event, you will receive an email notification within 10 minutes of a submission (we try not to flood your inbox, as multiple come in). You can view submissions in KickUp by clicking on the “Manage” and then browsing to "Out of District Requests”. 

Access Event Requests in Manage > Out of District Requests

By default, you will see all “Approved” and "Pending" event requests which includes events that have not been “Canceled” or “Denied”.

2. Managing Status

For any event submitted through the out-of-district workflow, event administrators are able to set the status for the event to reflect where it is relative to your district’s specific submission policy. The statuses available are:

  • Pending

  • Approved (typically used to “pre-approve” before staff attends)

  • Confirmed  (typically used to “confirm attendance” so that staff earns credit hours)

  • Denied

  • Canceled

Update the status of a request

Once an event has been set to ”Approved,” it will appear in that user's Attendance Log, and once an event has set to “Confirmed”, the green check mark will appear in the log for that event. This follows the general attendance workflow in KickUp of “Register”/”Approve” to “Confirm.”

3. Editing Submissions

If any of the details of the event submission do not appear correct, you are able to edit that submission as needed. If you do edit the event, a notification will appear in the activity feed that you have edited the event.

4. Viewing, Downloading, and Adding Files

If a user submits any files to document their event registration, attendance, or expenses, you will be able to view those files in the activity feed of that event. To view and download that file, simply click on the file in the activity feed to open that file in a new tab or window. Your browser should allow you to download the file from there. 

Users can upload files to provide documentation 

Note: your browser may block the window as a pop-up and so you may need to allow the KickUp to open new windows or tabs in your browser settings.

5. Leaving Comments

Additionally, you are able to add comments directly to the activity feed of  an event if you need to provide more specific instructions or elicit more information from the person who submitted the event. If your district has a multi-point approval workflow, you may want to use comments as a way of gathering approval from various stakeholders.

You can leave comments for others to see  

Delegating Management of Event Requests

If you would like to delegate the management of event requests, you can set certain users in your organization or district to be able to manage event requests for specific groups. Ask your Client Success Manager to learn more and get help with this option.

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