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Set a Seat/Registration Limit for a Learning Opportunity
Set a Seat/Registration Limit for a Learning Opportunity

Learn how to set an upper limit on the number of people that may register for a learning opportunity.

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  1. From the learning opportunity's page, click "Edit"

2. Go to the Seat Limit section. Check the box for Limit number of seats for registration and type in the number of seats you'd like to offer.

3. Decide whether to enable either of the additional related settings:

  • Allow additional attendees to confirm attendance - enabling this will allow staff who have received the attendance code to confirm their attendance even once the registration seat limit has been reached

  • Allow users to join waitlist if event is full - enabling this will enable staff to join a waitlist once the seat limit has been reached. Users will be added to the waitlist in the order that they entered it if anyone un-registers from the event. See this article for more details about the waitlist.

4. When staff are browsing learning opportunities, they will know how many seats are left. If an event's seat limit has been reached and the waitlist has been enabled, staff will be able to join a waitlist for the learning opportunity instead of registering for it.

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