Searching and Tagging Open Response Items
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If you are hoping to organize your open response items to identify quantitative trends, you may want to use KickUp's open response tagging feature. 

1. Scan for Trends: Before tagging responses, we recommend scanning the comments to identify common themes or trends. 

2. Select Responses to Tag: Once you're ready to tag responses, you can either tag a comment individually by clicking on "ADD TAG," or you can select multiple comments at once and click on the blue button as shown below. Responses may be associated with more than one tag.

3. Search or Create Tag: A window will pop up to allow you to search for an existing tag or create a new tag. Be cautious to use the same wording across tags, so that all trends collate together. 

4. View Trends: Once tagged, your quantitative trends will show up at the top of the section. 

To remove a tag, simply click on "Edit Tags" and click on the "X" button. At this time, it is not possible to remove tags in bulk.  

Tip: Searching for key words related to a common theme may be a useful practice for tagging in bulk. The search bar will also allow you to see all responses with a given tag.  

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