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How anonymous walkthroughs and coaching logs work

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Any individual who is added as an observer within a Walkthrough or a coach within a Coaching Log may conduct an anonymous walkthrough.

To complete an anonymous submission, follow these steps: 

1. On the home page, you will see your walkthroughs and coaching logs listed out. If the instance you are looking for is not listed here, you can click "View all" to see a full list.

2. Click "Start Anonymous Walkthrough" or "Start Anonymous Log."

3. If configured, you will be presented with a step to "Select Attributes," which are demographic categories that can be associated with responses. Selecting attributes will allow you to look at aggregated data by demographics.

If you see attributes to select, choose an option from the dropdown and click "Begin Walkthrough." Otherwise, simply click "Begin Walkthrough."

Note: Users with "Manage Walkthroughs" permission may configure the default attributes that display on an anonymous walkthrough by editing the Walkthrough instance and making selections in the "Anonymous Settings" section. 

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