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How to easily share a message with event participants

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Note: You must be granted permission to view attendance for a given event in order to utilize this feature.

Event announcements make it easy for event facilitators or event managers to post information on an event page and (optionally) trigger emails to participants. To post an Announcement for an event:

1. Scroll to the section beneath the event details, and click "Add Announcement." 

2. Write your announcement, and click "Post."

3. If you select "Send email to attendees," all participants who are registered for the event at the time of your announcement - as well as event facilitators - will receive an email. A few things to note:

  • Emails will only be sent to registrants, not to those on the waitlist.

  • Participants will not be able to reply directly to the email to contact the sender.  

4. Your announcement will also post to the event page for others to see when they view the event. You can delete an announcement any time by clicking on the trash bin icon.

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