Adding Signatures

Learn how to sign off on steps for an evaluation cycle.

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Adding your signature to a step is a way of confirming that a step is reviewed and is "final." Once signed, your step will be "locked" and changes cannot be made until an evaluation manager resets the signatures on that step.

Some steps in an evaluation cycle may require one or both of the participants in that step to add their signature. If a step does require a signature, you will find a “Add Signature” button on that step.

To add your signature, type your name into the signature box and click the add signature button. The form will accept any name you add, but KickUp keeps track of your authenticated user session so the logged-in user will be marked as the person who signed.

If two signatures are required and you are the first to add a signature, the step will indicate that 1 or 2 signatures has been added and it won’t be marked complete until the second signature has been added.

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