Removing Signatures

Learn how to remove signatures on steps of an evaluation cycle

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Please note that you must have the "Manage Evaluations" permission to have this functionality available. Please contact your Client Success Manager for help with permissions.

In the event that changes to an evaluation step need to be made after required signatures have been added, users with Manage Evaluations permission have the option to reset signatures on the step.

To reset signatures, navigate to the Roster tab and locate the staff member who requested their signature removed from the step. Then, click their name to open their evaluation cycle page.

Next, locate the step for which the signature should be removed and click the three-dot action menu to access the Reset signatures option.

Please note that if the step requires two signatures, the reset signatures action removes both signatures.

Once signatures are removed, the step will be marked as Upcoming or Overdue, depending on if the step's due date is upcoming or has passed. The Activity Log for the step notes when and by whom a signature was removed.

Staff members receive an email notification the day before a step is due reminding them to complete their signature, as well as two follow up emails the day of the step due date and when the step is overdue.

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