Overview of Draft Submissions
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As you complete any form in KickUp - whether a coaching log, a walkthrough, or an evaluation-related form - you will notice that your response will be automatically saved as a draft as you begin to fill out the form. There is a button to "Save draft and close" at the bottom of the form, but your changes will be automatically saved even if you do not click this button.

You'll notice the "last saved" timestamp updating at the top of your form as you complete it.

Returning to an Open Draft

If you choose to leave a form partially complete without submitting, and you'd like to return to it later, you'll find any open drafts at the top of your homepage. Simply click on the "Draft Submissions" button and click on the draft you'd like to resume.

You'll also find your draft if you attempt to simply complete a form about a given individual and the system finds that you already have a draft open. Clicking "Start" or "Complete Form" will automatically pull up your latest draft.

Note that you cannot draft a new submission on a particular form about a particular individual without submitting or discarding your draft.

Discarding a Draft

To discard a draft, simply click on the trash can icon you'll find in your list of draft submissions or at the top of your submission itself.

Anonymous Drafts

If you draft an anonymous submission (not about a specific individual on your roster), your anonymous drafts will only be accessible from your homepage.

The system will allow you to begin multiple anonymous drafts without submitting a given open anonymous draft.

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