Viewing and Editing Responses

How to view (and edit) your submissions through the "Submissions" view

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Once data is submitted in a Coaching Log or Walkthrough instance, you can view individual and aggregated submissions in the "Data" tab, which you'll find to the right of the "Roster" tab within an instance.

This article will focus on how you can use the "Submissions" view within the data tab, which shows you all of your individual submissions in a single table. You can learn more about the Summary view of your data here - a place where you might do deeper data analysis.

1. View All Submissions

The Submissions section shows a table of all of the submissions you've entered or have access to view. You can search this table, click on a column to sort, and click on any submission to view and modify it.

2. Editing a Submission

To edit a submission, simply click on a submission, begin making changes, and scroll down to click "Save." You will only be permitted to modify submissions that are your own.

3. Change your Table View

If you'd like to modify the snapshot view of your submissions, you can click on the "Edit Columns" button to make additional data visible in your submissions table.

4. Using Filters

You'll also notice three filters at the top of your page, which allow you to narrow your dataset to only show data within certain dates or submitted by or about specific individuals.

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