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How to export your data as a CSV file

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It's your data, have it your way! In this article, we explain how to export your data as a CSV for reporting or for further analysis.

How do I locate the submissions table?

To find the submissions table, click the Data tab from your roster view in any KickUp module and navigate to the "Submissions" tab (read more on that here).

How can I choose which data are included in the table?

To restrict which submissions show up as rows in the table, you can use the filters above the table. To customize which questions from the form appear as columns in the table, click "Edit Columns" and select the questions you'd like to display in the table. This view is unique to you, so don't worry about impacting what others see when you edit columns!

How can I export the table of submissions?

To export your current view of the table as a CSV document, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the action menu

  2. Click "Export table"

  3. Click "Export"

  4. Once the file is ready to download - it can take up to a few minutes depending on the volume of data - click "Download file"

The screencast below shows the process of selecting which columns to display, then exporting the table as a CSV file.

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