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Logging coaching or walkthrough data about several people
Logging coaching or walkthrough data about several people

Learn how to log activity or observations about more than one staff member at once

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While many coaching activities or walkthroughs are conducted one-to-one, there are cases where you might need to capture a one-to-many activity, such as logging an interaction with a PLC or observing a classroom co-taught by several teachers. In KickUp, you can submit coaching logs and walkthroughs about multiple staff members at once to capture this activity accurately while avoiding double entry of data.

Please note that this functionality must be enabled by a KickUp administrator at your organization for the coaching log or walkthrough you are completing to appear as described.

How to Log Data about Several People

1. Start a group log or walkthrough.

In a coaching log instance, this will appear as Start Group Log.

In a walkthrough instance, this will appear as Start Walkthrough.

2. Add a Display name. This is the name of the group of staff that will appear in KickUp data views and exports, so it should be short but descriptive. Note that the Display name that is chosen cannot be edited after the group submission is started or submitted.

3. Select members of the group. You can include staff members in the group submission by searching for and selecting them in the left pane.

Sometimes you might be filling out follow-up logs or walkthroughs about the same, or at least a similar, group of people. If you have submitted logs or walkthroughs about a group in the past, you can start from a pre-made list of staff members by copying from one of those recent submissions.

When you have finished selecting staff members, progress to the next step by clicking Start group log.

4. Complete the submission as normal. You can refer back to the list of staff members you are submitting about by clicking View X staff members while filling out the form.

Viewing Data about Several People

Submissions captured about multiple staff members will show up with the Display Name that was set at the time of submission. These submissions will also display an indicator when viewed anywhere in the data tab.

The full list of staff members included in a submission is accessible by opening the submission and clicking View X staff members.

Additional Information about Group Submissions

  • If the coaching log or walkthrough is configured to be shared with staff members, it will be shared with all of the staff members you selected when creating the initial group.

  • Upon submission, the "Last Log" and "Responses" columns in the roster tab will update to reflect the group submission for all staff that are part of the selected group.

  • For aggregated data views, submissions about groups will be counted as if they were about all of the people in the group. I.e., for a submission about Jose who teaches the subject of English and Selena who teaches the subject of Science, when data are grouped by or filtered by subject, that submission’s data would be treated as being about both Subject = English and Subject = Science.

  • Data for numeric-type questions are not duplicated in sums or averages - i.e. if you log 1 hour of support about Jose and Selena together, the submission will count as just 1 hour - not 2 - in the data visualization showing total support hours.

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