Setting up your roster

Select the teachers you'll be supporting with coaching or walkthroughs

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To make it easy to quickly record your coaching activity or walkthroughs in KickUp, you will need to setup your roster so you can quickly start forms about the people you are supporting.

Please note that, depending on how administrators have configured the coaching or walkthrough instance, this functionality may or may not be available.

Roster Editing Steps

1. Click Edit next to My Roster to open the roster editor.

2. Select which people you'll be providing coaching support or doing walkthroughs for from the All Staff Members side of the roster editor. Use the search to help you find specific people in the list.

3. Save your updated roster and see those staff members in your roster view, ready for you to log activity with or start walkthroughs for.

Including inactive staff

By default, staff who are inactive (i.e., they cannot login to KickUp, most likely because they are no longer employed by your organization) are not shown on your roster. To include inactive staff, use the Include inactive staff checkbox.

Note that this checkbox only impacts the Roster tab; inactive staff are always included in the Data tab.

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