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Managing Access Settings and Rosters as a Lead
Managing Access Settings and Rosters as a Lead

How to manage the staff members that your coaches or observers can support in KickUp

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As someone responsible for overseeing or supporting a group of coaches, mentors, or observers, you might have the responsibility of adding them to a KickUp instance, managing their access settings, and/or managing which staff members are on the rosters of the coaches or observers you support. This article explains all three processes, but please note that depending on how system administrators have configured a coaching or walks instance, some or all these functions may be unavailable to you.

Adding Coaches or Observers

1. From your roster view, click Edit Coaches or Edit Observers on the top right

2. Click the +Add button

3. Search for the coach or observer you want to add by name or by email

4. Below the search bar, click on the user that you were looking to add

Managing Access Settings for your Coaches or Observers

The steps above have resulted in a user being added as a coach or observer. To manage a coach or observer's access settings, follow the additional steps below:

1. If you have just added the user as a coach or observer, click Edit Access Settings

Or, from the My Coaches or My Observers view, find the coach or observer whose access settings you want to change and click Add staff members in the row under the Access column. If they already have staff members on their access settings, click the edit icon.

2. In the search modal, search for the individual, group, or identifying attribute whom you want to add to this staff member's access settings.

3. Below the search bar, click on the search entry that matches the individual or group you were looking for.

Please note the header that indicates whether the entries below it represent an individual (People), a group of users (Group), or all users matching a given identifying attribute (Attributes). If you are in doubt about whom to select, please reach out to your KickUp system administrator or to the chat support line.

Managing Rosters for your Coaches or Observers

Once someone is already on a KickUp instance as a coach or observer and has staff members on their access setting list, you may be able to manage their rosters. To do so:

1. Navigate to the roster of the coach or observer you want to update. Use the search within the dropdown to help you quickly find a specific coach or observer's roster.

2. Click Edit next to the roster dropdown to open the roster editor.

3. Select which people this coach or observer should provide support for from the All Staff Members side of the roster editor. Use the search to help you find specific people on this list.

4. Click Save to save the updated roster, and you will see those staff members in the roster view for the coach or observer. This means that the coach or observer will be able to log coaching activity or learning walks with these staff members.

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