Viewing the profiles of staff members

See a comprehensive view of your professional learning and growth data for a staff member

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A staff member's profile provides a comprehensive view of their professional growth and learning data in KickUp.

If you have permission to view a staff member's profile, there are a few ways you can access it. The quickest is to Search Profiles for that staff member.

Additionally, many places in KickUp where a staff member is referenced by name include a link to their profile for easy access.

A profile might contain up to three tabs, depending on what parts of KickUp your organization uses.


This tab surfaces some summary statistics also found on other tabs about your activity captured within KickUp. It additionally shows which coaching, evaluation, and walkthrough instances that the staff member is a part of.


On this tab you'll find form submissions that were either submitted about or by the staff member. These could come from a variety of sources including coaching activity, evaluation steps, recorded walkthroughs, and more.

You can filter these submissions by school year and toggle between submissions that were submitted about or by the staff member.


If your organization is using the Learning module, this tab will appear and display learning opportunities the staff member attended or plans to attend. In addition to these feeds, this tab summarizes the professional development hours and credit they've received received from the events they attended and courses they completed.

You can filter learning activity by school year.

Who's profile can I access?

You can access a staff member's profile if either:

  • You are the staff member viewing your own profile

  • You have the global "View Profiles" permission

  • The staff member appears on your roster on a coaching, evaluation, or walkthrough instance

What data can I see on a staff member's profile?

If you are able to view a given staff member's profile, you'll be able to see:

  • Their name, email, and attributes such as school, content area, and more

  • Their history of professional learning activity captured in the Learning module

  • Any coaching, evaluation, or walkthrough instances that staff member is a part of that you also have access to β€” either because you:

    • Have "Manage Coaching", "Manage Evaluations", or "Manage Walkthroughs" permission, or...

    • Are a coach, evaluator, or observer on that instance

  • Any form submissions that you have access to within the context of a coaching, evaluation, and walkthrough instance, unless that instance is configured to not Share on profiles

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