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Manage Series Registration and Attendance
Manage Series Registration and Attendance

An overview of how to manage registration and award credit for a series.

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Series enable you to manage related professional learning opportunities in which all sessions should be completed - in contrast to other Collections, where registrants are only expected to participate in a subset of learning opportunities.

There are two ways to manage the registration and attendance of a series:

  • Staff members can register for the series and be awarded credit automatically upon confirming attendance for each event and self-paced course in the series. To provide guidance to staff members on this process, share this article.

  • An administrator with "Manage Attendance" permission can register users for the series and manually award β€” and override β€” credit

Managing series registration as an administrator

1. Start by finding the series. To look at all the available series in your district, use the Series tab.

2. Navigate to the attendance tab. This tab displays all the staff members registered for the series along with their progress towards completing it. The tab also gives you the ability to review the attendance of each learning opportunity within the series.

From here, you can easily review the attendance of each of the specific learning opportunities using the dropdown labelled "All learning opportunities".

3. Register staff members for the series. The typeahead allows you to search and add staff members by their name and email.

4. Award credit for staff members. Staff members will be awarded credit automatically upon their completion of all learning opportunities, but you can also opt to award credit manually even if they haven't completed the entire series.

As an administrator, you are also able to, on a user-by-user basis, unaward credit or override the amount of credit received.

5. View the waitlist for a series. If the series has a registration limit and waitlist enabled, a waitlist tab will appear once 1 or more staff members have joined the waitlist. To remove a staff member from the waitlist, click the x on their row in the waitlist table.

6. See credits granted by a series. In an individual's attendance log and other tables displaying attendance records, the credit granted by the series will appear as its own attendance record on a separate row from the learning opportunities in the series. These rows will indicate that they were granted by a series with an icon next to the name of the learning opportunity.

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