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Learning Redesign
Learning Redesign

This article outlines some recent changes to the look and feel of KickUp Learning.

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In May 2023, we updated several aspects of the look and feel of KickUp Learning to make it easier and more joyful to use. Check out the video overview or use the links below to jump to the section you are interested in learning about:

Browse View

We've made it easier for all staff to see important information while browsing through their organization's catalog of professional learning opportunities.

Credits and facilitators are now shown for each learning opportunity.

Registration window and seat limit information is more clearly shown on the right.

Times and locations are clearer, with auto-detected videoconference links.

Opportunity Details

We've made it easier for staff - and for event managers and facilitators - to find key information on each learning opportunity’s details page.

Administrative actions are consolidated in the top right header.

Every action besides Edit - including clone, cancel event, and delete self-paced course - is accessible through the three-dot actions menu.

Hours, credits, and facilitators are more clearly displayed for staff.

A facilitator's email can be copied to your clipboard in a single click.

New event management section.

Those with view event attendance or higher permissions for a learning opportunity will see a new section to the right of the Overview tab that includes registration, seat limit, waitlist, and attendance code information.

Collection Details

We’ve improved how dates are shown, added new and larger icons, and emphasized registration rules.

See the example collection below to get a sense of the new look.

Additionally, all the improvements to how a learning opportunity's details are shown in the browse view are carried over to the collection details view.

Video Overview

Need help?

If you have additional questions or need technical assistance with KickUp, please check out KickUp's help center or ask for help using the in-app chat.

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