There are two main workflows to consider related to managing event attendance:

  1. Registration: Will it be necessary for participants to register for the event in advance? If so, will they register themselves, or will the facilitator/event manager register or invite the appropriate participants?

  2. Confirming Attendance: In order to confirm who attended each event, what will participants need to do?

If you'd like for participants to register for the events they'll attend in advance, participants can simply browse events, find the event(s) for which they'd like to register, and click "Register for Event." This will send them an email confirmation with the event details. 

If the events manager or facilitator wants to register specific individuals or groups for the event, they can visit the event page, and use the search bar under "Add Attendees" to add attendees by name or by group. There is also a "Bulk Actions" button, which will allow events managers to add a comma separated list of attendees to invite in bulk. 

Every event has an Attendance Code which provides an easy way for participants to confirm their own attendance of a given event. Participants will simply need to: 

  1. Visit 

  2. Click "Confirm Attendance" at the top of the page.

  3. Enter the Attendance Code provided by the facilitator, and click "Submit." 

  4. If applicable, click "Add Your Feedback" (Note: This will only show if the event manager has included a feedback form for this event).

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