Useful Resources:

KickUp is a system used to track and manage professional learning events and activities. Here are a few helpful resources to orient you to the basic actions you might take in KickUp: 

Here is a 5-minute tour of the main actions you can take in KickUp's learning management system:

Where to Go for Technical Support:

If you need technical support related to utilizing the KickUp system, you can reach KickUp's support team by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner of the page, any time you're logged into KickUp.

You can also contact KickUp's support team with any questions or challenges related to KickUp's technology platform via email at

Please note: For questions unrelated to the KickUp platform (e.g. questions about the content or logistics of an event; questions about accessing an attendance code; etc.) you'll want to reach out to your facilitator or system administrator. 

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