Series are a type of collection that help you manage professional learning that occurs over multiple sessions or self-paced courses.

You may find series helpful if:

  • Teachers should to register for every session or course within a collection

  • Completion of all learning opportunities within a collection should award additional credit

  • You want to make these related professional learning options more easily discoverable for teachers

How to create a series

1. Start by creating a collection. From within KickUp Learning, use the actions menu to select the Create collection option.

2. Designate the collection as a series. This is the first field when creating a collection.

3. Fill out details about the collection. This will include a name and description, both of which will provide context to teachers considering the series.

4. Optionally, add credits to the series. These credits will be awarded to teachers once they complete every event or self-paced course associated with the series, and those credits will show up as a separate row in their transcript.

5. Save your work. You need to do this before you can start adding learning opportunities to the series.

6. Add events and self-paced courses to the series. You can do this by creating them using the Add to collection button.

Or by selecting the series in the Collection field of an existing event or self-paced course.


  • Why don't I see the option to create a series? This feature needs to be enabled for your district β€” please speak with your CSM to turn this on.

  • What happens if I add learning opportunities to a series after it has started? Staff members who are registered for the series will be registered automatically for the new learning opportunities, but staff who have been awarded credit for completing the series will not lose that credit.

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