Professional learning can sometimes be structured as a series, which you are expected to participate in several events and/or self-paced courses to complete.

In KickUp, registering for a series will automatically register you for all the learning opportunities contained within it. Upon confirming attendance for each of these learning opportunities, your participation in the series will be marked as complete. Depending on how the series is setup, you may also receive a certificate and credit for completion of the entire series.

Registering for a series as a staff member

1. Start by finding a series to register for. To look at all the available series to you, use the Series tab.

2. Register for all the learning opportunities in a series. There is a single button to do this on the series page, which will register you for every event and self-paced course included in the series.

A series does not allow you to register for individual learning opportunities contained within it; you are required to register at the series level.

3. Attend learning opportunities in the series. Once you confirm your attendance for every event and self-paced course within a series, you will automatically be granted credits that are associated with the series.

Any hours or credits that are associated with the learning opportunities within the series will be granted as you confirm attendance for each.

4. View the credit and certificate for a completed series in your log. The record for completion of the series will appear on its own row in your log and be marked with a special icon.


  • If I don't participate in every learning opportunity in a series, can I still receive credit for it? You won't automatically receive credit for a series unless you confirm attendance for every learning opportunity, but an administrator can still grant you credit manually. Please contact a facilitator or KickUp administrator in your district for support with this.

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