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How to Manage Registration and Attendance for a Learning Opportunity
How to Manage Registration and Attendance for a Learning Opportunity

An overview of how to manage the registration process and how participants can confirm attendance of a given learning opportunity.

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Note: Functionality shown in this article is only available to users with certain KickUp permissions. If you have a question about how to accomplish something or would like support from a member of our team, please reach out using the in-app chat or by emailing

A number of attendance-related workflows are available for KickUp learning opportunities. Read on or jump to a specific workflow related to managing attendance:

Register users for a learning opportunity

Participants can register themselves for learning opportunities in which they'd like to partake. Doing so will send them an email confirmation of their registration.

Managers or facilitators of learning opportunities may register individuals or groups of users for a learning opportunity by searching users in KickUp. To do so:

  1. Visit the learning opportunity's details page.

  2. Navigate to the Attendance tab.

  3. Click the Add attendees button.

  4. In the modal, search for a staff member by email address or search for the name of a group in KickUp

  5. Once you have selected group(s) and/or individual(s), scroll through the list to preview whose registration will be attempted. Click X to remove specific users from the list.

  6. Click Add attendees.

Once the registrations have been attempted, you'll see a green message confirming the number of successfully registered users and a red message warning you of users that were not registered. Click the clipboard to copy the email addresses of non-registered users to your clipboard. Click the down arrow to see the list of non-registered users along with the reason(s) they were not registered.

Alternatively, managers or facilitators of learning opportunities may register individuals for a learning opportunity by pasting a comma-separated list of user emails. To do so:

  1. Open the three-dot action menu.

  2. Select Bulk register users.

  3. Paste in the list of comma-separated emails.

  4. Click Add attendees.

Locate registrants for a learning opportunity

You can see who is registered for a learning opportunity on a learning opportunity's Attendance tab. Search through the list of registrants using the search bar.

Click the clipboard to copy a given user's email address to your clipboard.

Click X in the search bar or delete your search term to restart your search.

Confirm users' attendance for a learning opportunity

Using the confirmation code

Learning opportunities may have an 6-digit attendance or QR code which enables participants to confirm their own attendance for a given learning opportunity. To utilize this option, event managers or facilitators will simply need to share the code with participants at the end of the session or course.

To access to the codes for an event, navigate to the learning opportunity. If the learning opportunity is configured to allow confirming attendance through an attendance code, you'll see the codes on the Overview tab, on the right hand side of the screen.

Click the attendance code to copy it to your clipboard. Click View QR code to view or download the QR code as an image that you can embed in presentations or LMS courses.

Manually confirming attendance

You may also manually confirm attendance for users for a specific learning opportunity on the Attendance tab for that opportunity. To do so, simply click the Confirm button next to the user whose attendance you'd like to confirm.

View information about multiple learning opportunities

To quickly navigate and find information about multiple learning opportunities at once, use the Opportunities table.

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