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Using Waitlists on Learning Opportunities
Using Waitlists on Learning Opportunities

Learn how how waitlists function in KickUp Learning.

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Enabling a Waitlist

When administrators create or edit events, they'll see the following options under the Seat Limit section.

The option to enable or disable waitlists will only appear if the registration seat limit has been enabled. By default, learning opportunities with registration seat limits will allow users to join the waitlist. 

For learning opportunities that are part of a series, the Seat limit section will be disabled. In this case, administrators can choose to enable a waitlist for the overall series.

Viewing and Removing Waitlist Members

Administrators can view the members of a waitlist on the learning opportunity page, in the Waitlist tab. To remove a staff member from a waitlist, click the x next to their name. There is no way to move up a staff member's position on the waitlist.

Joining a Waitlist: Staff Experience

When an individual visits a learning opportunity's page and the opportunity has reached its seat limit, they will see a Join Waitlist button instead of a Register button. Clicking Join Waitlist will add them to the waitlist.

Once on a waitlist, staff will see badges indicating that they're on the waitlist.

Staff can see the complete list of learning opportunities that they're on waitlists for in the Waitlist registrations section of their Learning log.

Registering off a Waitlist: Staff Experience

If a seat becomes available (for example, if someone else un-registers or if the seat limit is increased), staff will be registered for the learning opportunity in the order of their position on the waitlist. An email alert is automatically sent to notify them of their registration off of the waitlist. 

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